Top Hindi Web-Series

Top hindi web series

Today i am going to suggest you the best hindi web-series you could watch right now. I will suggest you based on my experience that which web series i liked most and i assure you that you will also like them as much as i do.

1. TVF Pitchers:-

If you think doing business is easy or thinking of starting a business then you should watch this, this web-series shows how many problems a entrepreneur faced during his starting days , how he got stuck in little things , what mistakes they make , this web-series shows how they got fails at first and after trying many times and making lots of effort they finally succesed in their business. This web-series will give you lots of motivation. You should watch this.

2. Yeh Meri Family :-

This series is based on 1998 , if you born in 19's than you should definitely watch this series, you will love that how the director had directed this series, this will remind you of your childhood. Actors had done there job superbly. This series tell you the importance of family they had covered very small topic of our life , how we used to play in those days, how we had a crush on school. I'll just say this is the best hindi web-series you can watch right now. 

3. Sacred Games:-

When police officer Sartaj Singh receives an anonymous tip about the location of crime by Ganesh Gaitonde, he starts search around Mumbai in what becomes a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. This series will give a view of mumbai mafia gang. Ganesh Gaitonde is the main and most important character of this show, in this you will get to know how a normal slumdog man became god of mumbai and control it.Whole police fear from gaitonde. This series  contain thrill , drama, violence , nudity and action. You can wacth it on NETFLIX. You should watch it at least once.

4. Mirzapur :-

A brilliantly scripted series where it makes you fall in love with each and every positive character and makes you hate the gut of every negative ones. I guess that makes it a piece of its own.
The climax is  unpredictable and heart-breaking and i was left anxious for hours later. You get to watch the entire set of episodes on the edge not knowing whats going to happen next.
Overall its an amazing piece of story brilliantly performed by each character. This show atmosphere of mirzapur, you will fell in love with acting of actors in this series , munna bhiya's character is unique and best in its own and Kaleen bhiya is the king of mirzapur. I'll say just go and watch it.

5. College Romance :-

Three teenagers best friends searching for love. It shows life of all college students. They found their love partners and go for trips and do fun. After some times as happens in any relationships they got misunderstandings and fights with each other. This is a perfect series based in college.
A well scripted and well acted  webseries. you will love this. Just go and watch it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you likes my suggestions.

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