How to solve vanced network problem

How to solve vanced network problem

YouTube Vanced is a youtube app which gives you an ad-free experience and allows you some youtube premium feature like background play etc.

YouTube Vanced

Many people asked me how to solved Vanced network problems so I decided to share a solution with you.

At first, I'm gonna tell you how this problem had occurred in the first place. you could have updated your Vanced app without updating micro-g because of it vanced app and micro-g can't works properly so it gave this error.

To solve this Follow the following steps

note:- before using these steps make sure you know your Gmail id password because when you follow the given steps, your data will be reset.

  • step 1. Go to setting than search, application management.


  • step 2. Find and Uninstall old Vanced app.
  • step 3. Find and Uninstall old micro-g app.
youtube vanced, Micro-g

  • step 4. Go to vanced official website.
  • step 5. Download the latest micro-g and Vanced app, if your device has higher configurations select x64 otherwise select x32 arm.
  • step 6. Go to Play Store and search SAI and download it.
  • step 7. Open the SAI app and install downloaded app which we have download in step 4.
  • step 8. Open Vanced app and sign-in to your Gmail account.

That's it your problem will be gone now.

If you still can't get the solution, you can contact me directly and I'll try my best help you.

YouTube Vanced is the best alternative to youtube. I have been it since almost 3+ years and I am very happy with this app.

Thanks for reading my article, have a good day.

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How to solve vanced network Problem Video Tutorial

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