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KGF Chapter 1 Story

In 1951, two incidents happen Rockey was born and on the other hand in kolar gold field (KGF) they found gold. Rockey, He was born in a very poor family, in younger age his mother died due to poverty, she asked him to become the wealthiest man in the world, then he starts his journey to become rich. He goes to KGF to know the truth about gold coming there he gets to know that garura had made thousands of people slave there and those people work there day and night. It's a slavery for those people and rockey decided to free them. Now see whats happens next in the movie.

KGF Chapter 1 Cast

Yash - Rocky / Raja Krishnappa Bairya
Srinidhi Shetty - Reena
Ramachandra Raju - Garuda
Archana Jois - Gangamma / Rocky's Mother
Anant Nag - Anand Ingalagi
Vasishta N. Simha - Kamal
Achyuth Kumar - Guru Pandyan
Srinivasa Murthy - Narayan
Balakrishna - Inayath Khalil
Lakshmipathi - Huccha
Ramesh Indhira - Sooryavardhan
Harish Rai - Khasim
Dinesh Mangaluru - Shetty
Ayyappa P. Sharma  - Vanaram

Directed and Written by

Prashanth neel

KGF Chapter 1 Release Date

21 December 2018

KGF Chapter 1 watching time

2h 36min

KGF Chapter 1 Trailer

KGF Chapter 1 songs

1. "Salaam Rocky Bhai"
2. "Gali Gali" 
3. "Kokh Ke Rath Mein"
4. "Ho Jaane Do Aar Paar"
5. "Sab Ke Sapnon Ki"
6. "Sultan"

KGF Chapter 2 release date

22 October 2020

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