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If you like watching movies if could be very difficult for some people to find them and watch them because some websites that claim that they provide movies for you for free, most of them are fake and they are full of ads on them and it gets difficult for a normal user to bypass all those ads and to watch them, but today I am going to tell you a website in which you can watch any movies and any web-series for free. so just follow along. Here you can also get to know how to download a movie for free.

It will help you to cut down your Netflix bills ' - '.

Just click on the image below and you will be redirected to the website.

Website Name:- Soap2day


it's an extremely advanced and responsive website to watch any movies of web-series online. This website gives you lots of categories from which you can find out which show you want to watch.

Steps to watch:-

  1. Open soap2day from or you can click the above image.
  2. After opening soap2day find the search button. as shows below.

      3. Search any movie or web-series you want.

      4. Select your desired movie from the list.

      5. You will see a video player click on the play button.

      6. That's it your movie will start.  

If you want to download movies or web-series then just press and hold on the player and you will see a pop-up message saying download video click on that and your movie will start downloading on your phone.

NOTE:- Vidoe downloading trick is tested on an android phone.

Video tutorial

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