ASUR - webseries that you should watch right now

After a long time indian director PRAVEL made a fabulous Web series which had won many hearts of India public. The concept of this web series is unique, they had connected sprituality with today's world they had shown human emotions. Camera team had done a really great job on shooting this web series this series had match the level of Hollywood webseries. You guys will love this series i will just say that you must watch it right now.

During quarantine days when everyone is thinking of what to do how to pass time or thinking of watching something but can't decide what to watch then this webseries is for you. You can watch it on voot streaming service. You can also get it on torrent or some websites but i won't recommend you for going that way because these people works very had to make these kinds of web series and by downloading them from torrent and other websites they didn't got any money infact the website owner from which you downloads it got money. So i will suggest you to watch it on voot.

Why you should watch | ASUR |

  • One of the finest webseries
  • One of the realistic web series
  • Full of suspence
  • Super performance by all actors
  • All actors are awesome

There is killer in this web series who kills people and wears Devil Mask and all CBI and police is hunting that killer. All scene looks natural and real. Even dead bodies doesn't looks fake. You can't sleep at night if watch that dead bodies in night.

I'll just say that this web-series is mind-blowing and you should watch it immediately. You can't get another webseries like it.

Thanks for listening my suggestion i hope you will like it.

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